Mistresses (2008)

Sex, the City and Me (2007)

Recovery (2007)

Doctor Who (2006)

The Holiday (2006)

Aftersun (2006)

If I had You (2006)

Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder (2006)

Much Ado About Nothing (2005)

Our Hidden Lives (2005)

Cutting It (2002-2005)

The Wedding Date (2005)

Blackpool (2004)

Reversals (2003)


Trust (2003)

Unconditional Love (2003)

Sirens (2002)

Impact (2002)

Hearts and Bones (2000)

Table 12 (2001

Smoke (2001)

The Vice (2001)

Bortherly Love (2000)

City Central (2000)

Beast (2000)

Peak Practice (1997-1999)

Babes in the Wood (1998)

Parting Shots (1998)


Popcorn (west end) playing Brooke

La Dolce Vita, 1996 (UNCONFIRMED)

Nine (Donmar Warehouse) playing Maria




The secret life of Elephants (2008). Narrated by Sarah Parish. 3 part documentary about Elephants in Kenya.

Auction Man. (2003) Narrated by Sarah Parish. Multi-part documentary about auction man Michael Hogben. Originally broadcasted by the BBC.

Live8: Twenty Years ago Today. (2005) (television) Narrated by Sarah Parish

Live8: A Bittersweet Symphony. (2005) (television) Narrated by Sarah Parish

Amoy to wok advert. Voice over by Sarah Parish.

Birds Eye - Frozen Pea Car advert. Voice over by Sarah Parish. Click here to view it.

BT phone book. Voice over by Sarah Parish.

Sample adverts from "another tongue". Listen to them here!

Midwich Cuckoos (radio play) 2003

Essential Poems - Reader of Story of a Hotel room by Rosemary Tonks - The Grass is Greener (2003)   

Essential Poems Reader of Time Does Not Bring Relief by Edna St. Vincent Millay - The Grass is Greener (2003)

Clear Cut mortgages - voice over (advertisement) 2003

Room at the top (radio play)

Snapper (radio play)

Engage Mutual - Voice over by Sarah. Watch a preview here!


sarah parish

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