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This website was first created in 2005, because there was - at the time - very little information about the career of Sarah Parish on the internet. Therefore, the purpose of this website was - and still is - to be a source of useful information and news about the acting career of Ms. Parish. Needless to say, sometimes Sarah's personal ilfe is so prominent that news about Sarah herself will be posted on this site, too. However, Sarah has always tried to be an actress rather than a celebrity, and we respect her wish to keep her private life to herself. To put it more clearly, this website contains information about Sarah Parish, not Sarah Murray. On the few occasions that something really newsworthy does come up, we will try to be as accurate and truthfull as possible, but, this is an unofficial site with no connections whatsoever to Sarah, her family, agent or friends.

I am just a huge fan.

Kind regards,

Myrthe Hoorn, webmistress



How to contact Sarah

Sarah is represented by the Artist Rights Group (ARG). To contact her, please write to her agent:

Sarah Parish c/o ARG
4 Great Portland Street,
London W1W 8PA

Telephone: 020-7436 6400
Fax: 020-7436 6700


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Sarah Parish

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